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Welcome to Beauty Selection! We lead the new era of lifestyle commerce

About Us

Beauty Selection was born to provide innovative commerce solutions which allow you to make the best choice for your own ‘Healthy Beauty’ throughout your lifestyle.
Our Vision: "The most engaged brand affiliates in your healthy lifestyle"
Our Mission: "Bring out the best version of me"
Problems we solve!
We understand better than anyone else that consumers are tired of similar products that are released every day, unreasonable prices and un-thoughtful marketing. We distribute/design new products with customers’ point of view, communicating closely through customer-friendly channels. Our effort for valuable consumption continues.
Why Work Here?
#Exponential Growth #Future of Health & Beauty #Top Teammates
#Exponential Growth
Experience an exponential growth with us. We are at the forefront, leading the way in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry with a solid financial structure. Revenue has been growing 2x each year since we have been founded with solid operating margin.
Beauty Selection, which started as a small project in 2017, has now built success cases with top influencers. We are getting closer to customers through new trials and various distribution channels.
Thanks to these efforts, our revenue exceeded USD 2 million in 2018, and is set to grow further to USD 40 million by the end of 2023.
For continuous growth, we are preparing exciting initiatives such as global market penetration, tech platform development and product lineup expansion.
#Future of Health & Beauty
We shape the future of health & beauty together based on the following three principles:
‘Clean Beauty’ based on non-toxic, reliable and safe ingredients
‘Direct to Customer’ which helps value based consumption by directly manufacturing products that current market does not offer
Innovation with Digitized Commerce Approach based on KOL (Key Opinion Leader) that we can relate to
#Top Teammates
Meet our leaders. Our leaders are from prestigious backgrounds including Amazon, McKinsey, BCG, Bain, L'Oréal, P&G, etc. They experienced various successes and failures with facing exponential growth of the early stage of startup.
Chief Executive Officer, Jae Bin Park: Led overseas business growth as a early member at HyperConnect after working for Altos Ventures
Chief Commerce Officer, Mi Hwa Kim: Founder of Beauty Selection who built the Beauty Selection’s business model
Chief Financial Officer, Se Hoon Yang: Led corporate strategy of HyperConnect and Bank Salad after working for McKinsey & Company
Chief Brand Officer, Won Kyung Han: Led global market branding at L'Oréal and Amorepacific
Chief of Staff, Ji Hyung Jo: Led business strategy & analytics at Unilever and Bain&Company


Beauty Selection helps you to bring out the best version of you throughout your lifestyle by providing 12 brands.
Cosmetics Brand that keeps your healthy and glowing beauty at your peak.
Biodance - Personal Skincare
Bebe de Blanc - Aesthetic for Baby
Nuash - Personal Hair Care Solution
epinouveau - Advanced Derma Skincare
Wellness Brand for your inner beauty
Hmind - Lifestyle Health Care
Labtrition - Your Own Nutritionist
re;once - Casual Inner Beauty
mfyLAB - Bespoke Diet Lab
Lifestyle Brand that makes your daily life more colorful
cllw - Casual Self-care Beauty
Dentio - Dental Care Lab
Greyground - Fragrance Illustrator
Fashion Brand with a refined design that proposes work and life fashion
Seiera - Contemporary Athleisure
Soyoom - Lifestyle Luxury
Akro - Stylish Daily


We raised USD 10 million in Series A funding from leading domestic and foreign investors in August 2022.
Altos Ventures is a Korean-American venture capital called a ‘unicorn maker’ for its leading early investments in companies like the Woowa Brothers, Krafton, Socar, and Toss.
Red Badge Pacific is a global cross-border investment company with branches in major cities such as New York and Singapore, leading connections between domestic and foreign companies.
KB Securities is an investment banking subsidiary of KB Financial Group, the largest financial conglomerate in Korea, which successfully led number of IPOs including LG Energy Solution.


What’s it like working at Beauty Selection?
Beauty Selection is located in a prime location of Gangnam Samseong-dong To keep up with the rapid growth of Beauty Selection, we expanded our office by adding another building.
We provide top-notch office supplies and business equipment. In addition to that we have our own in-house cafe, refresh zone, terrace, and lounge. We do our best to create a good working environment
Join us for an office tour
Our offices are equipped with all the essentials for pleasant work environments; sufficient natural lights, spacious and comfortable workspace, and the latest business equipment. They are designed to improve employees’ productivity
Here, we can enjoy drinks and coffee as well as variety of snacks Come visit whenever you have craving for sweets!
Brand Experience & Live Commerce Zone
We have 9 bright and pleasant meeting rooms where you can experience our products, share thoughts with team members, and use as a studio for photoshoots
Refresh Zone
Come to relax zone where you can enjoy video games, ping pong, and pool and also take a rest in our massage chair Taking a break will definitely boost your work efficiency
Sunshine Zone
Enjoy the sunshine whenever you need to refresh your mind Taking your time to unwind may help you spark new ideas
Park View
Right in front of our office, there is a park where you can enjoy the view While enjoying the view on our rooftop terrace, you can feel the change of seasons Take a moment and enjoy the view in the busy city life. Feel the change of seasons and take a moment to enjoy the view in the busy city on our rooftop terrace
Employee Benefits
Company Product - Every year, we offer USD 250 worth of our brand products
Product Launch - We provide newly-launched products to every employees
Welcome Gifts - Welcome gifts are provided to show our gratitude to the new hires
Buddy Program - We offer buddy programs for new hires to help them adjust well to new roles and environments
Education Support - We believe in investing in the professional growth of our employees. We offer education support for job-related courses and books
Meal Support - Lunch and overtime meal are provided
In-house Cafe - Enjoy the delicious coffee made by our barista. Snacks are also always available
Health Care Benefits - To support your health and wellbeing, we offer employees’ medical check-up along with the paid absences
Happy Friday - Every other Friday, we offer 2 hours of lunch break. Take a long break or spend time with your colleagues
Team Lunch - Once every two months, we have a team lunch together. Let’s have fun and refresh our minds
Refresh Zone - We offer a refresh zone with full of entertainments such as ping pong table, pool table, and massage chair
There are other more benefits awaiting for you


Find your best-fit positions!
We are looking for colleagues who will join us on our journey to disrupt the market and lead our customers to the next level of healthy & beautiful lifestyle.
Brand Manager
Product Development
Brand PR
Seoul HQ
Brand Manager
Product Development
Brand PR
Seoul HQ
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What are the Core Values shared by every member of Beauty Selection?
Customer Obsession
We are obsessed with identifying and solving customers' most important problems.
We independently make the best decisions and execute them at the highest level in our positions.
We are a crew on the same rocket ship, a rocket launched to solve our customers’ problems
Why Beauty Selection?
You could build your career here by being part of the best-in-class planning/developing process to achieve Product-market-fit based on live feedback from the market, with the most talented people
We are an agile team. Our core values lie in the eagerness for logical communication, fresh ideas, and autonomy based on respect and consideration.


Inquiries and office address
Beauty Selection Recruiting is always open to meet with you.
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